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About OurArtPad

    OurArtPad is a collaboration of artistic endeavors between Tammy & Larry Davis. Tammy and Larry have always been artists, but met the first day of college at Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD) in Columbus, Ohio. They have been together since.  After college, they travelled around the world with Disney on Ice - Aladdin as a skater and stage hand until they settled in Tammy's hometown Fort Wayne, Indiana. They still live and create in Fort Wayne. 

    Tammy is a traditional artist who keeps proving that she is able to create art in any way, shape or manner. At her core is pencil drawing and acrylic painting, but with each new project she pushes her knowledge and abilities beyond anyones beliefs. Tammy has created 2d & 3d pieces with everything from pencils, markers, paints, inks, pastels, dies, glass, wood, food, and many other mediums. Tammy really enjoys creating art for the Public realm. She has brought forth Mastodons, giant steins, benches, mosaics, murals, sidewalk drawings and many other amazing public art projects. 

    Larry is a Graphic Artist, college professor and traditional artist. As with Tammy, Larry creates in many of the same mediums as well as computer design programs. He also enjoys the public art endeavors and often challenges Tammy in a friendly competition in these projects. OurArtPad is a collaboration of two artists who work together and challenge each other to make this world a little more colorful and fun. 

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